GoodBarber’s Philosophy and Culture

By choosing GoodBarber, you choose much more than an App Building Platform. You embrace our way of thinking and acting, in accordance with the following principles. 

Who we are

We are as diverse as the apps our users create; we are curious, inspired and open. We proudly work for users spread around the world and we keep cultivating and sharing our passion for digital and technology in our home, Corsica - where it all started. All of us work on improving GoodBarber and our products - that help our customers find new ways and new solutions to do things differently and with a broader reach. 

Our way ahead is determined by OUR VISION
The democratization of technology is what inspires us. Nowadays smartphones are the universal remote to interaction. In spite of geographical distance, common interests and values bring people together through the Web and Apps. We want people to get their place in the web and app universe, to have the tools and the opportunity to freely express themselves by sharing information, building and exchanging with their community or selling products. 

What inspires us then translates in OUR PURPOSE:
We want people to be able to intuitively and autonomously build their own native or progressive web app, regardless of their technical skills. Furthermore, by taking part in the democratization of technology, we want to inspire and serve future generations. 

Our daily work is what characterizes OUR MISSION:
Making technology accessible to all is the reason why we exist. 

We achieve it by providing an intuitive and comprehensive App Builder that allows users with no tech skills to have access to web and app technology, so they can create their own apps according to their own needs. Furthermore, we facilitate the work of app agencies that use our technology to provide their services. And the best part? We are there every step of the way, accompanying and assisting users in their creation process and beyond. 

Besides this, we understand the importance of facilitating and empowering others, which is why we also act as an Incubator Hub to create new educational and economic opportunities to anyone who wishes. 

“Behind every app there is an idea, a concept, a project, sometimes a business, or a passion, or a will of enhancing technological or social innovation. Our mission is to make it happen.”

Our decisions, our interactions and our actions are determined by OUR VALUES:

Users value. We develop, design and improve our technology focusing on users’ experience, in order for it to be intuitive, performant, affordable and competitive. Bringing simplicity out of complexity is crucial to ensure a real democratization of technology. 

Commitment. Our users’ success is our best reward, which is why we are committed to provide continuous and long-term solutions to all and why we support them along the whole development and evolution of their project.

Innovation. We encourage new methods, new ideas, new perspectives. We encourage innovation in every sense of the word as they all represent new ways to improve ourselves, our work, and our impact. 

Fairness and Transparency. These are highly valued principles by almost everyone. We are no different. For us, it’s more than just a matter of respect towards our clients, partners, and collaborators. It is also a way to promote, motivate and develop ourselves. 

Made for durability. We want to make something worth making, something that will endure the test of time. We do this by relentlessly focusing on our customers' success, building high quality systems, and planning for long-term scale. We're grounded by humility and driven by ambition. 

Collective ambition. We are inspired by people who aim for bigger and greater things. They motivate us, making us constantly raise the bar. That’s why we do not pursue a single ambition, rather we define a collective ambition. As a result, we deepen our core values.