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Content App

User list
Once you’ve added user authentication, you’ll have access to the User List menu. Here you can manage all your users.

Offering a chat service in your app is a way to bring users closer together, for a social app, but also to create a space to exchange, debate or even improve the internal service of a company, by allowing employees to contact each other for example.

User group
The User Groups add-on can be very powerful especially if you plan to restrict parts of your content. It gives you the ability to categorize user groups and restrict sections of your app according to user groups (one or more for each section).

Shopping App

Tell a story
Beyond being unique, a product page can tell a story. Using storytelling allows you to bring your future clients into the story of your brand, into your story. It's about building your brand's story through your product page, capturing your target's interest, creating engagement and fostering loyalty.

Write unique product pages
Now that you’ve learned how to choose your selling points and how to present them, you need to make sure that you write your own product pages.

Put yourself in the consumer's shoes
The product page is an essential element of your shop and yet it’s too often neglected by e-merchants. It’s on the product page that your potential clients will learn about the quality of your products and the benefits they can bring them.